Thursday, September 01, 2005

I need some ideas

As some of you know (though not through this forum-- lord flying spaghetti monster knows I haven't been able to post very often), this semester I will be teaching an English course at a local university. It's 111, Critical Reading and Writing, but they've given me free reign to plan my syllabus and I'm implementing a few things I'm excited about. Among other things, I'm going to require that each of my students create and maintain a blog throughout the semester. My hope is that this is a step up from both the traditional writing journal and the online class discussion boards which are so frequently used in composition classes -- not only does it require students to practice regular, informal writing, it also provides them with an audience and allows them to maintain control of their own webspace and use hypertext links and blah blah blah I'm babbling.

Short and sweet -- I'm also going to keep a blog, as it's my class, and I can't think of anything witty or intelligent to title the damn thing. I'm expecting my students will just call theirs "[insert name]'s Blog," but as the professor I should demonstrate a little more enthusiasm and creativity, yes? So I need some suggestions. The blog will be used to link to individual posts made by my students, respond to or elaborate on issues brought up in class discussion, offer links to supplementary articles/images/reading materials, and provide general announcements. I'd like a name that's intelligent but not snooty, witty but not corny, and doesn't jeopardize the ever-important illusion of iron-fisted control I need to maintain.

Thus far... I've got nothing.

(funny note -- the Blogger spell-check utility identifies "blog" as a misspelled word.)