Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Winnebago Zen

Attention -- the link above leads to a video clip which is NSFW due to language; if you've got headphones, it's fine.

Many of you have probably already seen this; it's not new. I myself came across it today for the first time -- outtakes of a Winnebago promotional video shoot starring a balding salesperson who loses his shit. The video clip is 4+ minutes long, and at first it struck me as a one-trick pony; I chuckled for the first 30 seconds or so before it started to get old, then I started to just dislike the guy in the film. Rather than stop the video, however, I watched it in its entirity. Somewhere after the third minute or so, I had a strange zen-like epiphany.

I'm not sure how to express this without just encouraging you to watch this video, paying particular attention to / focusing on the vehicles themselves as you watch. Something about this guy and the raging commentary paired with shot after shot of recreational vehicles... transcendent. Gloriously American.


"It ain't worth it. Not this shit... it ain't fuckin' worth it."