Monday, August 22, 2005

Thank God for the Liberal Blogosphere

Has there ever been a more important socioeconohistoricultural development than the blogosphere? The mainstream media runs in fear from the new avant-garde of revolutionary keyboardists. But when I say "revolutionary" I mean "liberal," for only the liberal bloggers are truly equipped to ride the wave of this new technology into the future. Conservative bloggers, try as they might, are always-already stymied in their attempts by their innate stupidity and their unfortunately fat fingers. But liberals, in all their liberal glory, are truly the standard bearers of a new age of media, where truth and justice are paramount, baseball games are national holidays, and apple pie flows freely throughout the land. This glorious day cannot come without sacrifice - specifically, the sacrifice of conservative bloggers, who must recognize their inherent retardation and cease all activity, including breeding. We liberals must be firm in our resolve, and blog tirelessly into the night to ensure that freedom, Jesus, and the American Way™ are preserved for future generations. Brazen Hussy has more.

(For regular readers: no, I have not lost my mind. Explanation here.)