Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Funny or Scary?

You be the judge. This one's making the rounds; I got it from my mom (thanks, Mom!):

The AP has just reported that Bush has tendered his resignation to Cheney. His letter of resignation reads in part:"I have been honored to serve as your figurehead during the first term of your administration. Now is the time for me to return to private life and the leisure activities I have been able to pursue only three-quarters of my time for the past four years."

Cheney, in a news conference announcing that he is accepting Bush's resignation, said "All Americans should join me in thanking President Bush for the sacrifices he has made in these past four years. Without his endearing ability to mangle his way through a statement and his penchant for presenting apparent optimism amid objectively pessimistic situations, Americans would have been faced with the horrid realization that I was taking the country down a path from which most would only recoil in dread. We can only hope that in his return to private life President Bush can finally find adequate time to work on his lagging golf swing and perhaps even read a book. I personally thank him for his work in the recent election, ensuring that I can run the country for the next four years."

Cheney is expected to name a successor figurehead within the next few days. An unidentified aide to Cheney revealed that possible replacements under consideration include Richard Petty, Mel Gibson, and any one of the Gatlin Brothers.