Monday, November 08, 2004

Join the Secession!

Courtesy Xtcian, we are informed that the states heretofore known as "blue" have coalesced into a new country: American Coastopia. The credo:

The following are non-negotiable for me:

  • gay people should have the ability to marry
  • a woman should be able to have a safe, inexpensive abortion
  • stem cells should be rigorously studied with no restrictions
  • if we can put people on the Moon in 9 years, we can be independent of
    foreign oil in 7
  • people should fucking be nice to each other.

In my American Coastopia, intellect is sexy. Nobody ever calls anyone else "ugly." Men get laid knowing the lyrics to songs by The Smiths, and women find their dream partner by mandatory pop quizzes. We have really good Scotch, and I will make girl drinks involving Kahlua.

Now that's the kind of country I can get behind. There are even T-shirts! Join in!