Wednesday, December 29, 2004


  • Amount initially pledged by the US for disaster relief in Southeast Asia: $15 million.
  • Amount this pledge was raised to after widespread public outcry: $35 million.
  • Budget for the upcoming presidential inaugural ball: $40 million.
  • Disaster relief funds pledged by Spain: $68 million.
  • Ratio of Spain's gross national product to the US GNP: 3:5.
  • Estimated reconstruction costs for tsunami damaged areas: $10 billion.
  • Amount by which the Pentagon is proposing to cut its 2006 budget: $10 billion.
  • US expenditure on the Iraq war (to date): $147 billion.

Update: Via Kos, I see that we've now upped our pledge to $350 million. That's a little more like it ... but still, as Kos points out, only what we spend in 38 hours in Iraq.