Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Bestselling Evilmongers

Here's some weirdness for your Tuesday. It seems that some of the bestselling authors in Serbia right now are Milorad Ulemek, Radovan Karadzic, and Biljana Plavsic. For those of you who weren't keeping up in the 90s, that's kind of like if the best sellers in Germany in 1955 had been Hitler, Goebbels, and Eva Braun. The International Herald Tribune reports:

While Plavsic's book is the only one that sheds any direct light on events of the war, it is the other two novels that have prompted the most acclaim here. Nationalist admirers of Ulemek and Karadzic have declared their works masterpieces of Serbian literature, comparable in style to the works of Albert Camus and James Joyce. Karadzic's "The Miraculous Chronicle of the Night," published in October, was short-listed last year for Serbia's top literary award, the Golden Sunflower.

More. (Via Bookslut.)