Thursday, January 20, 2005

I am so sick of shit like this

Dumb: Last Friday, the president of Harvard University, speaking to a conference on women and minorities in the science and engineering workforce, suggested that one reason there might not be many women in leadership positions in the sciences is because of "innate differences" between the sexes. The Independent reports:

Dr Summers, whose tenure at Harvard has been marked by controversy, including clashes with African-American staff and complaints about the lack of women being hired, made a three-hour speech in which he said one reason for the shortage of women in senior posts were to do with the reluctance of women to work long hours because of their child-minding responsibilities.

He then argued that boys outperform girls on maths and science due to genetic difference rather than socialisation. He gave the conference an example from his own experience: a story of giving his daughter two trucks, which she treated like dolls, calling them mummy and daddy trucks.

Dumber: After widespread (and justified!) outcry, Summers apologized ... sort of. But some assholes still just don't get it.

Update: Michael Bérubé has weighed in on this as well, and as usual, it's not to be missed.