Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Brother, Can You Spare Some Hate?

I mean, between W. and Rove and Delay and the rest of that gang, it's hard to summon up enough loathing to go around. Herewith, I submit Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) for your disapproval:

In between demanding the resignation of the Secretary of Homeland Security for failing to deport every illegal immigrant and stumping for the Minuteman Project, Rep. Tancredo has crafted some [immigration] legislation of his own. Among other things, the bill "would change citizenship law so that children born to people here illegally or on temporary visas would not automatically become U.S. citizens" and "hospitals could only be reimbursed for treating illegal immigrants if they report citizenship information to the Department of Homeland Security." Tancredo has basically admitted that his strategy is to drag down the quality of life to get illegal immigrants to go home: "Without jobs and without social service benefits and without the ability to send your kids off to school, if you do all these things, pretty soon it's just not worth it and it becomes difficult to be here and you return home." Tancredo's most recent contribution to national security policy dialogue was to suggest retaliatory bombing of Mecca and other Islamic holy sites if the United States were to be attacked.
Lovin' the nativism! Wait a second, though. Tancredo doesn't sound like the surname of someone who's indigenous to Colorado, does it?

From the July 26 issue of the American Progress Report.