Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hump-day Top 5 List

Soooo ... 2:30 in the afternoon and none of the four contributors has had time to post anything yet today. Ya gotta love a hump-day like that! NOT. But never fear: your hump-day meme is here. While we're tirelessly (albeit grumpily) carrying out the days' tasks, let us turn our thoughts to more frivolous matters. Specifically, What are the top 5 things that turn you on? What gets you cranked? What makes you, in the immortal words of superspy Austin Powers, horny, baby? Here are mine:

1. A sense of humor. This is by far my biggest turn-on. One of the reasons I married my husband is that he can make me laugh so hard I almost pass out.

2. Kindness. Not sappy, over the top "I wuv you" crap, but genuine consideration for the needs and well-being of another person. That's hott.

3. Directness. I have a near pathological hatred of passive-aggressive behavior. But show me a man who is confident enough to be straight up with me when there's a problem, and straight-up about apologizing when they've messed up, and that is a man I can sleep with.

4. Passion. As you may *possibly* have noticed, I have this ability to get, um, worked up about stuff. I'm a pretty passionate person, both about the things I love and the things I hate. And I'm very drawn to that quality in other people - I love to see people excited and invested in something.

5. Intelligence. Not necessarily book-smarts, though that's pretty hott, too, but more generally: perceptiveness, acuity, quickness - and the curiosity that such intelligence engenders.

So ... kind of an esoteric list, I guess. I mean, it's not that stuff like expressive eyes and a big wang aren't important to me, they just aren't in the top five. You know. Heh. Um. Ok, what are your turn-ons?