Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Reader Poll: Best Narrative Style

I wanted to write about how much I hate Northwest Airlines, but that could take forever.

Ok, it's not really a poll, but I'm interested in your response. When I leave my current place of employment I'm planning on writing a book about the dysfunctional and absurd nature of the "logical" world of organizations and business people. One of the things that I'm struggling with is how to best present this folly to the reader so that they can appreciate the story. Should the pithy, first person narrative be presented chronologically or should it be presented as a set of absurdist, inter-related, non-linear stories? Which would you find more entertaining? Don't worry, there's plenty of rich material here. You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll be harassed; and you will enjoy forced merriment. I look forward to your insight.

By the way, Northwest really does suck. They're fine as an airline carrier, but as a business and a corporate citizen of Minnesota they are repulsive.