Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Bird?

OK, I heard about this, but I'm not sure if this is true. Can anyone confirm? Did our strong, resolute, growin-the-bullshit-pie-higher, asshat in chief flip off the media in a stunning display of spinelessness (a passive-aggressive way that would make most Minnesotans proud) and arrogance? He gets inside a building, without making eye contact gives us the bird? We could ask McLellan about this, but he would puke all over himself has he comes up with a way to not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Now kids, when you're wondering what Jesus would do, add NOT flipping people the bird to your list. So our list of what Jesus wouldn't do is:
1. Kill people
2. Lie
3. Provide the old fuck you to the media
4. Drive drunk - but you knew that because Jesus didn't have a car and he could walk on water.

America, you know what you need to do. Send more pretzels and more mountain bikes to the president. Don't send them to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, as he's on another "working"vacation in Crawford. He's thinkin about all those noble deaths in Iraq and it's hard, 'specially when you think about it everyday. Now watch him hit this drive.

With all the dignity the president deserves, to Dubbya and his cronies - FUCK YOU.