Monday, August 15, 2005

Damn Straight

Shakespeare's Sister:

... I recognize that most gay people feel being gay isn’t a choice, but I know enough who feel it was that it irritates me that the suggestion “choosing to be gay is a valid choice” is still so controversial. And I hate it when I hear my gay friends have to defensively (and reflexively) say to homophobes, “I didn’t choose to be this way.” As if it’s something that they’re stuck with, their cross to bear. Well, fuck that. I’d much prefer to hear, “My sexual and relationship choices are just as valid as yours, asshole.”

Right-fucking-ON. Speaking as someone who's chosen a variety of experiences on the sexual spectrum, I don't see why the choice or lack thereof has ANY bearing on the morality of homosexuality. There's no moral difference between a straight man choosing between two women, a bi-woman choosing between a man and a woman, and a gay man choosing between two men. It's all about being ABLE to choose, and that's a right we should all have.