Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Poetry Blogging

I've been re-reading I, Claudius as my bedtime book, and I'd forgotten how wonderful a poet Robert Graves is, in addition to being such an evocative writer. Here's one of his love poems, which I think perfectly captures the scary leap of faith it takes to be in a loving relationship:

Whole Love, by Robert Graves

Every choice is always the wrong choice,
Every vote cast is always cast away -
How can truth hover between alternatives?

Then love me more than dearly, love me wholly,
Love me with no weighing of circumstance,
As I am pledged in honour to love you:

With no weakness, with no speculation
On what might happen should you and I prove less
Than bringers-to-be of our own certainty.
Neither was born by hazard: each foreknew
The extreme possession we are grown into.