Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"The homofascist regime called Minnesota"

Got this one straight from Pam:

What are you doing for Labor Day weekend? Guess where the Phelps family and followers are going? They are hitting the road to picket a Pride celebration in Duluth, MN, "honoring" Mayor Herb Bergson.
WBC to picket filthy faggot mayor of the sodomite whorehouse masquerading as Duluth, Minn., at their so-called Duluth-Superior GLBTQAI Pride Festival, and the leper colonies calling themselves churches in Duluth - Sept. 3 and 4
For more on Rotting CryptkeeperTM fun, check out Paul the Spud's post over at Shakes Sis today, "Fred Phelps: Hate-Filled Maniac with a Death Wish."

Oh, goody. And I'm going up to Duluth this weekend anyway to visit the mother-in-law. Perhaps we can see some of the fun.