Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hump-day Top 5 List

I'm home today with some form of intestinal flu, but such is my dedication to you, dear readers, that I've crawled out of bed to produce today's Top 5 post. So what I wanna know is: What are your Top 5 least favorite maladies? What illnesses do you most hate having? Don't feel limited by bugs you've actually caught - let your imagination run free. Here are mine:

1. Any form of nausea. I hate it.

2. Strep throat - I once had strep throat so bad I had to go to the hospital because my throat was so swollen I couldn't breathe.

3. Kidney stones - I've never had them, but from the stories I've heard they sound awful.

4. Chicken Pox - one of the most miserable weeks of my childhood.

5. This is kind of a stretch, but: being sick when I'm travelling. Flying or being on a train is enough of a hassle; being sick on top is just too much to handle.

OK, I'm going back to bed. Add your lists in comments.