Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Looks scary, doesn't she?

Well, Bush seems to think so, anyway. In case you don't recognize her, that's Cindy Sheehan, mother of a young soldier who was killed in Iraq. And as if the death of your son in a war based on lies isn't bad enough, Ms. Sheehan also had to endure a "condolence" session with Dear Leader, during which he was unable to remember her son's name or even that it was her son (he told her he could could not imagine losing a loved one like an aunt or uncle or cousin), and referred to her simply as "Mom" during the encounter. This is a frankly appalling level of disrespect - not that I'd expect anything else from our Frat-Ass-in-Chief. Anyway, instead of just putting up with it, Ms. Sheehan has decided she wants an explanation. Directly from the President. And she and some of her supporters have camped out at Dubya's ranch, and they're not leaving until Sheehan gets a personal meeting with Chimpy. This, of course, has resulted in her being forced into a ditch, threatened with arrest, and otherwise harrassed by both local authorities and the Secret Service. Because the bereaved moms, they're a big threat to national security, you know?

Me, I hope she turns Smirky's undeserved vacation into a living hell.

Other blogs are covering this far better than I can - for more reading on the subject, Shakespeare's Sister has links to all the posts.