Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday Moans

It never feels better to gripe and groan than on a rainy Monday morning. In that spirit, I have encountered two especially annoying things so far today:
1. Mammoth SUVs which contain just one passenger but bear Minnesota's environmental license plate. I saw two such vehicles in the 50 yards from the bus to my office building. The incongruity makes me wish I had "I'm Helping the Terrorists Win!" stickers to slap on the bumpers next to the plates.
2. The fact that a big "Are You Unemployed?" poster hangs on the wall right across from the kitchen at my workplace. I can't decide which is more irksome - the location, which seems to insinuate that using the kitchen might be leading to unemployment, or the mis-fit between the poster's audience and the fact that you have to be at work to read it.