Friday, August 12, 2005

More Mashups for Friday Fun

The StarTribune has an article about Metallagher - Gallagher-esque front man for a Metallica cover band. This started a small email chain at work about other possibilities. Thanks to Mark and Kyle for your help.

I thought Snackers may enjoy coming up with their own. Use a band and another pop culture reference, light fuse and get away! Here's a start to prime the pump.

Mos Def Leppard. A Mutt Lange produced record featuring incredible amounts of reverb layered over kick ass rhymes, starring a one armed DJ.

Rodney King Creole - Why can't we just sing along? Zydeco band that has a restraining order against the LAPD.

Jebthro Tull, featuring the rock flute stylings of Florida's great governor.

Billy Crystal Ship - Doors cover band that hosts the Oscars.

Diana Ross Meyer - Touch me in the morning, indeed. Part film maker, part Motown, all Ultra Vixen!

Billy Ray Ebola Virus - Doctors work to contain the spread of mullet-eating virus. Victims describe a symptom which includes an achy, breaky fart.

Party of Jackson 5 - After the death of their parents, Michael Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Victoria Jackson, Bo Jackson and Jackson Browne become a musical act. As a group of bad mother fuckers, they tour the country providing a great live show filled with incredible dance moves and vocal harmonies.

Apollo Creed - regardless of musical talent, this has a built in guarantee for a post-music career as a vaguely Christian motivational speaker. Oh, but wait, he dies on stage in the Battle of the Bands against P.O.D. Ouch.