Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hump-day Top 5 List

So much sadness the past two weeks ... so much outrage overload ... so it's time for something sweet. Cast your mind back to the sunny summer days of yore. You've just gotten your allowance and it's time for a trip to the local five and dime store. Ooooh, the candy aisle! So many choices, so little cash. Now tell me, what are your top 5 favorite candies? Here are mine:

1. Lik-M-Aid, aka Fun Dip. I loves me the sour candy and this one lasts for EVER.

2. Charleston Chew. Also lasts a long time, especially if you let it sit in the freezer for a little while.

3. Sugar Daddy. I'm also old enough to remember Sugar Mamas - do they make those anymore? - but Sugar Daddies were the best. How many sets of braces were permanently wrecked eating these?

4. Rain-blo bubble gum. The flavor only lasts for .005 seconds, but oooh, it's good while it lasts.

5. Pixie sticks. The top would get all mushy with saliva, and the sour powder would get stuck to it ... good times, good times.

What's on your list?