Thursday, September 08, 2005

Toxic Soup

This blog, by a physician who's assisting with efforts in Louisiana, is a real eye-opener. Some samples:

Looked at almost all Cops in precinct. Several had chemical burns on feet. They say "The Water" so you can hear the capital letters. "Black, green, and stinks like hell." Several were obviously worried about catching something. Wouldn't ask about it unless private.

Met a local MD. What a cowboy! He commandeered a white hearse from a funeral home, put red crosses on hood, doors, and liftgate with house paint from Home Depot.. "Riding forth to stave off death and disease!" Wouldn't shake hands "because of the epidemic." I asked what had gone epidemic. "I don't know yet, but it's coming soon." A character straight out of M*A*S*H.

Spirits are better--a shipment of ground beef & chicken breasts arrived from ATL. Big, big cop pulled out major-league smoker they use at Mardi Gras. Everyone was eating burgers and looked less careworn. Their #1 request? One night's sleep.

I can see now the significance of Jesus's washing feet. Foot care is a very profound way to show caring. It says "I care enough to touch these moist, stinky things for your benefit."

Listened to police radio for a while. No reports of new survivors. Lots of reports of floating bodies.

Main problems are podiatric and psych. Psych self-explanatory. Feet problems due to toxic soup. Two NOPD dogs drank from flood water--dead within hours. Cops have chemical burns on exposed skin.

Worth a look. (via Echidne)