Friday, November 04, 2005


From Kevin Drum's Political Animal:

ALITO AND ROE....This is weird. A couple of days ago Samuel Alito told Arlen Specter that he believed in a generalized right of privacy as defined by Griswold v. Connecticut. Today he told Dick Durbin that one of his favorite justices was John Harlan, who wrote a concurring opinion in Griswold. He also told Durbin that he "spent more time worrying and working over" his dissent in Casey v. Planned Parenthood than any other decision in his career, and then reiterated his belief in a constitutional right to privacy.

I wonder how long it's going to be before social conservatives cotton to Alito's coded acceptance of Roe and turn on him the same way they did on Harriet Miers? James Dobson can't be too happy about this.

I wonder, for my part, if Alito, getting close to the prize of a lifetime, is either a) moderating his views so as to be more broadly acceptable or b) lying like a dirty pasta-eater. Anyone see this being discussed elsewhere in the blogosphere?