Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hump Day Top 5 List: Completely Predictable Edition

Well, it's the week before the New Year, and you know what THAT means. No, not the getting drunk and kissing a stranger part. That's for later. The resolutions part! I know it's gotten chic in the last few years to resolve not to make any resolutions, but frankly, that option is for pussies. (Yeah, I said it!) I'm an old-fashioned woman, myself. A little resolving is good for the soul. So let's hear your top 5 resolutions for the New Year, whether personal, professional, political, or prurient. Here are mine:

1. Get my PhD before the baby comes.

2. Try to enjoy, rather than stress about, being a new parent.

3. Build up enough freelance/consulting work that I can quit my job.

4. Get healthy: exercise more, eat better, etc.

5. Practice being more patient and tolerant with other people.

I'm gonna go for at least a 40% success rate this year. What's on your list?