Friday, December 16, 2005

It looks good on a resume.

A strange conversation with a Pseudonymous Business or Academic Executive from the business/university in which we both work.

SCENE - local coffee shop. Busy yuppies yammer and buzz over the sound of the grinders and steamers.

Pseudonymous Business or Academic Executive: Matt, I don't see much of you any more.
Me: Yeah, I'm stuck in the pseudonymous enterprise project mines. They don't let us out much.
PBAE: It's a lot of work, but that will look good on a resume.
Me: Well, I hope that it will help the organization too.
PBAE: (blinks/pause/beat) … and that too.
Me: Gotta run.

So, does that say more about PBAE's mindset, or is PBAE just feeding my own neurosis and I'll be fired/freed soon?