Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Early Edition Hump Day Top 5 List: Things that are pissing me off (today)

1. People who move my files on the network drive, without telling me first, to a folder I can't access. And then want me to do something with the files.

2. Coming into the office to find three "extremely urgent" emails, two of which turn out to be not only not urgent, but not even necessary at all, only you don't find that out until you've started working on them.

3. The use of "reference" when "refer to" is both more mellifluous and more correct. This one is so widespread I should just give up, but dammit, it pisses me off! I'm not "referencing" my grammatical knowledge here, I'm fucking referring to it. Just because everyone is doing it doesn't make it ok.

4. Being asked, just now, for major edits and revisions on an extremely high-profile document, with a turnaround time of noon tomorrow.

5. People who think it's OK to have an unbelieveably loud cell phone conversation, in Russian, right next to my cube. Just because I can't understand it doesn't make it less of an annoyance! Hello, this is what meeting rooms and phone booths are for!

(Bonus) 6. And finally, people who use the unisex bathroom (which is right next to my desk, natch), for horking up whatever phlegm they've accumulated during the past year. That shit is loud, people. I can hear you, for fuck's sake. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate when it sounds like one of your coworkers is losing a lung?

Feel free to share the things that are pissing you off today in comments. Gah. Stupid office environment.