Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I am so very, very pissed at the Democratic party this morning. They can only muster 25 stinking votes to filibuster Alito's nomination? And one of those was an independent! WTF, people? Thank you for just eradicating my reproductive freedom. And my daughter's (should I have one) and possibly her daughter's, too. I am a dyed-in-the-wool, yellow-dog Democrat, but this is the kind of shit that really has me reassessing my options. So I ask you: at what point do we, as progressives, say enough is enough? I don't mean just bitching about it in the blogosphere, much as I love to do that - I mean, at what point do you look at the sad state of the Democratic party and say, basically, screw it: y'all just lost my vote? Because I am having one of those days today, and I'm getting pretty goddamn sick of the Dem's reliance on my fear of the GOP to secure my vote with them. Yeah, I think this administration is possibly the worst one this country has ever seen, and I'd do just about anything to get them out of office. But what the hell am I voting for when I vote Democratic, if they can't even get their act together about THIS? They aren't fighting the war, they aren't fighting corruption, they're not fighting for education or better social services or universal health care or any of the things that they're supposed to stand for, and now they've just fucked Roe v. Wade. So why the hell should I vote for them? I'm honestly asking. Somebody convince me that that's my best option.

Update: and now it's official.