Monday, January 09, 2006

Hockey: He Said, She Said

I'm not sure whether this typifies gender equality or inequality, but last week in Warroad, Minneota, a hockey-mad town if there ever was one, the boy's high school hockey team defeated the American women's national team, 2-1. Is this good, because even scheduling such a match would have been unthinkable not long ago - since female hockey was a niche sport? Is this bad, because it ultimately might reinforce the idea that girls'/women's sports are inferior - since the best women just lost to a good-but-not-great boy's team? I have no idea. (See the preview in the Minneapolis Star Tribune for some quotes that might help you make up your mind.) It sounds like it was a good game, though: Warroad only has 1,200 people living in it, yet they got 1,600 to come to the game.