Friday, January 27, 2006

Is Target getting the message?

This is interesting. According to the Strib (emphasis mine):

ST. LOUIS — A suburban St. Louis pharmacist filed a federal complaint after being fired from a Target store for refusing to dispense the so-called "morning-after" birth control pill.

Heather Williams had worked at a Target store in St. Charles, Mo., for five years before being fired last month. Her attorney says that until recently, the company accommodated her objection to dispensing the morning-after pill.

Her complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Calls to Minneapolis-based Target were not returned.

Several states are wrestling with the issue of pharmacists who refuse to dispense emergency contraception pills for moral and religious reasons.

This would certainly represent a change in Target's policies - and frankly, a really welcome one. Maybe the message is finally getting through. It will be very interesting to see what happens with the complaint. It should, of course, be immediately dismissed - you can't call it discrimination if you're unwilling to perform your basic job duties! But in this political climate, who the hell knows? (Thanks to Christopher for the link.)