Friday, January 27, 2006

What Gear for the Skyway?

Some crazy and inventive mountain-bike racers are going to stage a race through the St. Paul skyway system on February 8. Now that's a good idea! I would pay cash money to join in.

The bikers will start near Fhima's LoTo restaurant in Galtier Plaza and finish at Xcel Energy Center, encountering steps, ramps, carpeting, slippery tile, a tunnel, more than 20 doorways and "many a janky turn," according to a race organizer.

Bikers wanted to be able to ride down the flight of stairs linking the skyway to the tunnel that goes to Xcel Energy Center. But the race's risk-assessment types will require a mandatory dismount and a bike portage at that point.

Fifty racers will start one at a time in a time-trial format, scheduled from about 7 to about 10 p.m.

Feb. 8 is a Wednesday. There's a "Les Miserables" performance at the Ordway that night, but no hockey game. Race marshals will be on hand to keep the doors open for the bikers and prevent collisions with pedestrians.
Prevent them? What fun is that? Just issue helmets to everyone and call it even. Go, speed racers, go!