Friday, February 17, 2006

Just because you say it (over and over and over again), doesn't mean it's true.

I'm not sure how many Snackers have seen this propaganda from Midwest Heroes. If you live in the Twin Cities, most likely you've seen tons of these commercials that built on a faulty premise. The group sponsoring the ads is called Progress for America Voter Fund. I love the incongruity of progress being associated with a conservative group, but we're making progress in Iraq, right?. Wait, hold it there you magnificent son of a bitch, could you please wrap yourself in the flag for me - I need to know you're a patriot. A damn fine, sexy patriot.

The commercials are on phase two which feature testimonials from the parents of those KIA in Iraq (Iraq part 2), basically saying we have to honor our dead and finish this thing - Gitter done because Jesus loves you (well, not all of you)!!!.

The campaign started with soldiers who have returned from Iraq and talk about the progress that's being made in Iraq and let us know that "the media only reports the bad news" and were "defending our country from radical al-Qaida terrorists who want to destroy America starting in Iraq." The commercial goes on tying al-Qaida to 9/11. Oh, that's why we're over there. I remember a dutiful Colin Powell showing us all of the WMD manufacturing facilities, even mobile ones that were on trains. Scary scuds that might go 1000 miles. Which, as you know, would mean that dirty bombs and scuds could be dropped about 5000 miles away from us. But if Jesus and Adam were riding a T-rex in Sudan, they could catch and carry that missile, then drop it right on New Orleans. Intelligent design, intelligent execution. I'm realizing that the logic that I use when ranting (next to none) actually works for proposing credible threats to our nation's security. Bing-fucking-o!!! That was the threat to America. When you say "that" I don't know what you're referring to. Christ, I don't have time to answer that one, you may want to direct that one to the Vice President's office. I also remember an independent commission concluded "no credible link" between Saddam and al-Quida for 9/11. But, I guess they never mentioned Jesus and Adam and a T-Rex. Media only gives us the bad news and yippee skippy, the return of Jesus Christ and his rib-deficient ancestor riding a giant T-Rex with their Cajun-seeking missle is too good for the media to talk about.

Well shit, if faulty logic and schmaltzy production tell me to believe it I will. Thank you Midwest Heroes. Mission Accomplished!! Wait, what we're still fighting? I'm confused.

This message brought to you by the Progress Jesus on a Dinosaur makes when he kills Poor People Voter Fund.