Thursday, February 23, 2006

SD abortion ban roundup

I'm too pissed and depressed and (actually) busy to write up my own substantive response to this fiasco, but here's a sampling of some responses in the 'sphere:

Bitch, PhD: "But hey, if a few women have to have major abdominal surgery--and possibly lose their ability to bear future children--to keep Justice Kennedy and a lot of uninformed Americans from being squicked out by the realities of hydrocephalic infants, it's not an undue burden: it's just the part the ladies have to play to keep alive the illusion that pregnancy is always a Blessed Event."

Jill at Feministe: "It offers no exception for the pregnant woman’s health — if giving birth is going to cause massive kidney damage which will likely kill her after childbirth, no exception. If giving birth is going to force doctors to perform a hysterectomy, no exception. If the fetus has such a severe birth defect that it will die before, during or immediately after birth, no exception — the woman will be forced by the state to bring a doomed pregnancy to term, and to go through the dangers of childbirth for a fetus that will never live when she could have had a safer procedure."

Sarah Irene: "What can I say about such people? People who think that my well-being (physical, mental, psychic) is worth nothing? People who would stand in front of me and look in my eyes and say that if some heroic sperm overcomes my mix of birth control methods to meet my egg ... if I am raped and become pregnant ... if I conceive and my baby fails to develop a brain ... if carrying a pregnancy to term will compromise my health ... WELL, TOUGH. "

Shakespeare's Sister: "I don’t know if I can accurately convey my feelings about being an adult women, with a good mind and a purpose and a family and a home (all of which is one way of saying I have a life that’s important to me), who stands to have fewer rights and less value under the law than an unwanted fetus. That if I am raped, or my health is under threat, my soundness of mind and body are worth less than an unwanted fetus. That there are people who do not feel my uterus should be under my own control."

Pam's House Blend:"The state is the first to pass a law banning abortion under almost any circumstance, and the intention is to force the long-desired Roe v. Wade showdown in the Supreme Court for the Christofascists."

Amanda at Pandagon: "Between abstinence-only “education”, anti-contraceptive activism and laws banning women from terminating life-threatening pregnancies, it appears the wingnut opinion on the proper lifecycle of the womb-body is–one begins as a bright-eyed, innocent virgin, loses your virginity in some weird post-wedding masculinity rite, preferably with maximum blood, fall pregnant immediately, and then die in childbirth so everyone can remember you fondly."

Arse Poetica: "I'd like to offer a 'fuck you' to all so-called Centrist or moderate Republicans who held their noses and voted for Dim Son thinking there was no difference between the candidates, that he was a compassionate conservative (sic), and/or thought there was any hint of a whiff of a sense of a modicum of a variation on a theme of Republicans having any regard for the human rights of women whatsoever."

Poverty Barn: (With apologies to Dylan) "Mama, take this right off of me/I can't use it anymore./It's gettin' dark, too dark for me to see/I feel like I'm knockin' on Roe's door."

Atrios: "
I've long thought that if Roe goes then the boycotting of states which ban abortion would be a moral imperative. I see no reason to visit states which claim they own the deed to my wife's uterus."

Scott at Lawyers, Guns and Money: "Many people seem to believe that this is a relatively trivial matter, that this is a minor sacrifice to appease the wishy-washy unprincipled middle that won't matter much in the end. As I have discussed before, I believe this view is profoundly misguided."