Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Texas Parks & Wildlife's Four Rules of Gun Safety

Boy, just look at the first rule. I would have thought that it was if you don't have up-to-date stamps to shoot quail-tards (or humans) and you see a 78-year old man at 30 yards, pepper the living shit out of him. But, it actually tells the shooter to "look around and see who or what might be in the line of fire."

It doesn't say anything about CIA leaks, Haliburton no-bid contracts, FEMA failure or no WMDs, but it is pretty clear on what to do and not do with your Italian made shotgun. Yes, the big Dick wasn't even using American-made quail-tard guns.

This was an accident. But it provides quite a bit of insight on how Dick views personal responsibility and the safety of others. See Dick before the shooting. See Dick after the shooting. Dick's not sporting. Dick's not patriotic. Dick's unprepared. Dick's misleading and he shirks responsibility. Don't be a Dick.

A somewhat related side note: White House communications puppet Scott McClellan indicated yesterday that the president had more important matters to tend to than continue to address why the second-in-charge shoots old guys in the face. C'mon Scott, do we think hosting the White Sox on Monday and the Texas Longhorns on Tuesday are a pressing need for the American people? Paging Leo Burnett.