Friday, March 03, 2006

Won't you take me to Catholic Town

On the heels of Ash Wednesday, we get this article from Kyle. Thomas "Dominos" Monaghan is trying to bankroll a small community called Ave Maria. We are told this is part of "God's will." Civil libertarians say the plan is unconstitutional and are threatening to sue.

As many of you know ASS is the source for news. Elise broke this story back in June.

A few random thoughts:
- Civil libertarians wake up!!! Hello!! Money and God trump all, especially in Jebland.
- Monaghan is no longer part of Dominos, can we eat their pizza? If so, is it transubstantipizzation?
- The town will not have pornography, any guess on what the first business will be to open shop outside Ave's borders? I'd like to get some seed(y) money from Larry Flint and start my own town next door called Propornchoiceville.
- I see this being the first chapter of NAPABLA - yes, the North American Priest Altar Boy Love Association opening in Ave Maria.
- I bet they'll have one hell of a Friday Fish Fry.
- If the EMTs aren't at your first heart attack in thirty minutes, your next ambulance call is free.
- Please be a gated community, with the street entering town called St. Peter, which brings you into the convoluted intersection of Church and State. Most people leaving town get hung up on Purgatory Way, which no two residents can agree on how long it takes one to leave, or the best short cut out.

In all honesty, I gave up pizza for Lent. Some habits do die hard.