Thursday, August 24, 2006

And you wanna know what?!?! I love you.

Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked as America's No. 2 drunkest city? Sounds like a challenge to me. The ranking comes from Forbes (and my daughter -- she can't even walk, slurs her words, bobs in and out of sleep, and loses control over her bowles and bladder frequently...She's beautiful and I love her...zzzz).

Of course, just because a city ranks high on the list doesn't make it a den of debauchery. A top-drinking town could be populated by grandmas who imbibe a glass of wine every night to keep their heart healthy. And just because someone tips back a few beers doesn't make them irresponsible.

But it's a safe bet that nobody's going thirsty in Milwaukee.

The Pioneer-Press is skeptical when it comes to the ranking. Look at how the Twin Cities folks interviewed are baffled by the ranking and spout off without research --BECAUSE THEY'RE DRUNK. Hey, I wasn't talking to you!!!

First one of the day!!!!