Monday, August 21, 2006

Chicken George: Rockford Strikes Again

This summer, we're spending a bit more time at home. I'm guessing it's the new baby, but not sure. The extended time at home has translated into more TV time -- for better or worse. This inlcudes "Big Brother All-Stars" on CBS. While watching this Pam claims that I had some weird affinity towards "Chicken" George. Well, damn it all, she does some research and wouldn't you know it, Chicken George is from Rockford, IL. Even the Rockford Register Star is tracking the moves of Chicken George Boswell.

Chicken George is even on Wikipedia's list of notable Rockfordians. How 'bout a Big Brother: Rockford edition? Cheap Trick, Ginger Lynn Allen, Chicken George, Michelle Willams, John B. Anderson, Susan St. James, Joe Mantello, etc. We'd have almost every demographic covered.