Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Andrew Filer is taking pictures of every town in Minnesota - even (especially) the tiny ones:

Every dot on the map interests me, especially the little tiny ones. Some “towns” are no more than an intersection, possibly with a store or a town hall. A few towns seem to be gone without a trace, though sometimes the tiniest evidence remains. I have photographed over 300 towns, mostly in Minnesota and North Dakota. I also have photographed a number of towns in Manitoba, Ontario, and Washington, as well as a couple in Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa. I’d like to finish North Dakota first, as it seems the easiest to conquer. Note that these pictures aren’t meant to represent symbols of the town...
His photos, like these from his last blog post, are wonderful glimpses into small-town life up here. I've always wondered what Barnesville - which we zoom past at 75mph every time we drive up to the in-laws' - looked like, and now I know.