Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Designer's Eyes

A while back, when Elise and I were both trapped by ensconced at the same employer, we thought up a company that would organize events in which various kinds of experts - architects, historians, theatre or movie directors, et cetera. - would describe how they see the world to a group of interested paying customers. The architect, for instance, might lead a walking tour of a downtown or historic district; the director, a discussion of play or movie. We thought it was a good idea - just enough like a lot of other services to be familiar, but just different enough to have a niche.

As it happens, Ben Terrett is doing roughly the same thing for graphic design at his blog, Noisy Decent Graphics. One of this recent posts is a perfect example, a look into what it's like to live with "The Design Disease."

You'd step outside and see this and wonder how on earth that can be allowed to happened. Who would space type like that?