Friday, December 15, 2006

So That's Why

Tom DeLay, freed of the burden of actually being in Congress, has finally revealed his political philosophy and praxis:

Conservatives don’t go [to Washington] to pass laws. Only in this town do you count the number of bills you pass and are signed by the president as a success. I count the fewer bills the best and those bills ought to be repealed instead of passing.
It's hard to even start to parse this. Conservatives don't try to pass laws? What about all those laws on abortion, immigration, stem-cell research, gay marriage? "Only in this town"? What about all the state capitals, or capitals of other democracies, or, for that matter, American burgs where the benighted citizenry actually want their politicians to do something?

Like the first commenter says, "And who keeps interviewing this A-number one A-hole?"