Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh Billy, I’ll miss you

The circuit is complete. I’ve now returned Billy Blazes to the PO employee who originally gave him to me. She gave me Billy when she was done with her internship. Poor woman had to work as a part-time intern under me. I tried to tell her many times that the way things happen around here should not be seen as the right way to do things. She gave me Billy because I did a lot of firefighting. I still wonder if she thought I was seven years old and just needed a friend. At any rate, Billy was passed to my team when I left a small comm ops group we created. After I left for my final assignment, over two years ago, I gave Billy to Christopher and another co-worker. They soon left the PO and Billy was returned. A few months ago, Billy lost it. He went from friendly firefighting/rescue working muse to the picture you see above.

In his prime, you could ask Billy a question (like the Magic Eight Ball) and he would respond with messages that would help you know what to do next. From “EARTHQUAKE!” to “All clear!” So long, Billy Blazes.