Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh Happy Saturday

It was sunny and in temps in the upper 20s today. It felt good to walk around without a heavy coat -- jeans and a polar fleece jacket (Suck on that, old man winter). I had to run some errands downtown and in NE Minneapolis. I stopped in Pacifier to pick up a new onesie for Fi. I was torn between the Cash one or the Ramones. The Ramones has a sense of irony for me, so I went with the Ramones version.

Warm (relatively speaking) weather and consumerism isn't the only thing to celebrate. Elise will be babysitting Fi tonight. So, for the first time, we'll have a babysitter that is not a grandparent. We're hoping the Fi sleeps soundly for Elise. E, we have the first season of Extras from Netflix, if you haven't seen it yet.

Non-sequitur: Blogging becomes more difficult when:
A) You're looking for a job and the time at the PO is spent setting up interviews or doing HR's dirty work with one of your direct reports.
B) When you find a new job, and you can't be seen blogging
C) When your new job has you consulting at a client site -- can't blog on their computers.
D) All of the above

I'm very happy with the new job and my first client, but blogging has really slowed down. I wish I could make the quality argument, but I've always been a quantity kind of guy.