Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Super Bowl Haze

I'm still licking my wounds, as my beloved Bears ripped my heart out. I still don't have the guts to write much about the game, the Bears, Rex, Lovie, et al, or how hard it is to root against the Colts (note to the media machine: former Hawkeye Bob Sanders was the MVP, not pretty boy Peyton). This post, over at Jay The Joke seems to capture my feeling...except that I'm not a Cubs fan. Or maybe it doesn't and I just liked the idea of "milk was a bad choice."

It is worth noting that I very much enjoyed watching the game with friends and family (the entire family unit was decked out in Bears gear). Pregame was fun(ny), as we grilled in sub-zero weather to make sure we had brats and Polish Sausage (or the Boca versions). After the tease of the Hester TD and my screams startled Fi (high and low point in two seconds), I was most excited by one of the guests at the party. A wonderfully charming two-year old girl, the daughter of a former co-worker. Watching her interact with Fi, as well as the adults, made me very excited and anxious, as I can't wait to talk to my daughter in something more than razzes and fart noises. While the march of time is something that may not need an extra nudge, I can't wait...for next year.

It is also worth mentioning that our friend Laddie wrote this spot, which debuted in the third quarter of the Super Bowl. Congrats Laddie!