Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Schoogle Would Have Been Better

Google Scholar is in beta.

I find this cool. I love search engines. I love databases. I don't know why. My first research "hunts" in libraries thrilled me -- this was on the cusp (pre-cusp, bicuspid...hell, better look it up) of Mosaic & Gopher, so it was mostly ERIC and some Lexis/Nexis searches. Makes me want to do research again. I don't begrudge today's college student for not having to go to the library (It was called a card catalog... it was a monochrome monitor... it was uphill both ways). In the not so recent past, some interesting work projects were setting up a "knowledge management" practice at an old company and helping a company implement a case-based reasoning system. Nerdy? Yes. Man, I can spend hours just looking to see what important and inane things are indexed and tagged.

Any other search nerds out there?