Sunday, April 08, 2007


Many of you know that I enjoy beer… really, really enjoy beer. I enjoy exploring the science and social elements behind brewing and pubs. I’m a bit of a beer nerd… almost all beers have their place and I appreciate the various styles and the needs they serve. How nerdy, well among other things - I've thought about growing my own hops. I enjoy hearing the Clancy Brothers sing about beer.

When it comes to the beverage itself, I’m more than a bit partial to regional brews and Irish imports. Almost any Bell’s, Summit, or anything from the James Gate crowd makes me happy to think about, let alone drink. But I also appreciate Blatz, Falstaff, Grainbelt and Miller High Life.

I’ve often contemplated brewing my own beer-- to be a bit more righteous about the whole beer experience. Until April 7th, I had not. That changed. A recent gift from Pam and Fiona was a gift certificate to brew a batch at beer at Vine Park. Vine Park is a brew-on-premises operation. You brew, with a brew coach, using their supplies and materials. The best part, you don’t get stuck with clean up or exploding bottles in your house. It was a great experience. In two weeks, we return to bottle. I’ll keep you posted on the final test – the taste. I decided to brew an ESB, but may need to return to do an IPA. As hoppy IPAs seem to be my forced-choice favorite style of beer.

So, what’s your favorite beer and favorite beer occasion?