Monday, April 23, 2007

Things That Are Currently Irritating the CRAP Out of Me

1. That commercial for Boniva, the monthly calcium supplement that Sally Field is a spokesperson for. That part where she talks about her "friend" who "has to set aside time once a week" for her calcium supplement, while Sally just has to take Boniva monthly? FUCKING HELL. Are you kidding me? A) Call me crazy, but taking a pill once a week doesn't really seem to me to be such a huge burden, and B) personally, I'd be more likely to remember to take a weekly pill than a monthly one. Either way, it's a goddamn stupid marketing technique.

2. That commercial for 21st Century Insurance, whose campaign is centered around their claim that "we're drivers, just like you." Uh, yeah. And that distinguishes you from other auto insurance companies how, again? What, the good folks at Progressive are limited to skateboards? The Geico Gekko's a bicycle-only lizard? The State Farm people are driving tractors to work? Give me a fucking break.

3. Trans-fats: why do they have to be so damn BAD for you, when they taste so damn GOOD?

This concludes today's episode of Things That Are Currently Bugging the Crap Out of Me. Over and out.