Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fake Fish

Apparently the only thing the Chinese won't pirate is pirates, and maybe that's not even true:

Norwegian fish is highly prized in China, where they are taught in school that Norway is a country of unspoiled natural beauty, with fish free from worries of pollution.

But false Norwegian fish on the Chinese market is worrying import companies interested in dealing with the real thing, financial daily Dagens Næringsliv reports.

The listed company Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities is hesitant about importing expensive Norwegian fish.

"Consumers unfortunately do not manage to taste the difference between real and counterfeit Norwegian fish," company vice president Kong Wei told industry magazine Intrafish.

Kong Wei claims that fish imported from all corners of the world is labeled as Norwegian, and this allows the importer to charge a premium. This in turn means that there is little profit in importing genuine, expensive Norwegian fish.

Kong Wei said the company is considering importing Norwegian seafood to sell to the top tier of Chinese consumers, but is now doubtful after examining the results of a market survey.

"Too much counterfeit fish is being sold as Norwegian in the Chinese market," Kong Wei said.

From Aftenposten.