Monday, July 23, 2007

Late '80s Zeitgeist & Narcissism, High School Style

My parents were in town recently to hangout with their granddaughter. As they have moved into a new house, they continue to give me things from my past that I thought were long gone (and probably should remain so). A recent item is one of my campaign shirts from my senior class presidential election. My campaign team and I made a number of one of a kind t-shirts. My mother thought I should go into politics because as a true scoundrel, as I made money on my election, instead I lead a sexy life as a project manager and consultant. Anyway, this particular shirt has a top ten list on it – I was a huge Letterman fan and a political junkie in high school. Please enjoy the totally ‘80s vibe from the top ten reasons to vote for yours truly:

10. You want to have fun.
9. He has a dog.
8. Does not enjoy algebra.
7. Finished his term paper.
6. The stupid t-shirts.
5. To prove iron lungs work.
4. He’s running.
3. Goes to East (that’s the high school)
2. Has not met Donna Rice
1. Voted down Contra spending.

Just wait until I get my scanner working again. My folks brought up a copy of the local paper that had an article about prom styles for 1989. I’m the male “model” showing off the latest in rental formalwear.