Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Police - Live

I’m getting ready to see The Police tonight in St. Paul – Elise, Pam, and I are going. That’s right, we’re going to see Stuart, Andy, and Sting. I’m going to bring my Trapper Keeper and Pam is making friendship pins. I never thought that I would see The Police in concert. So, I’ll put aside my internal arguments of this being a huge cash grab and simply look forward to the show. I really enjoyed The Police as a kid, and thought there was no way that I would ever see them in concert. I was too young to go to an out of town concert when they were touring to support Synchronicity. I was limited to the acts that would stumble through my home town (see Air Supply, Styx). I’m sure Elise and/or I will post some sort of review tomorrow.

Thinking about the pop acts that I’ve “loved” through the years and different phases of my life, here’s a list of those bands and if I was able to see live in concert them.

Beatles (No, but their reunion is half-way complete)
Cheap Trick (Yes, at least 20 times, and they're still great, damn it)
U2 (Yes)
The Police (July 3, 2007)
REM (Yes)
Husker Du (no, but have seen Bob Mould numerous times, and Grant Hart a few times)
Pixies (Yes, thanks to the reunion tour)
Uncle Tupelo – No (have seen Sun Volt, Wilco, Jay, Jeff, but not as Tupelo)
Elvis Costello (Yes)
Rev. Horton Heat (Yes)
Radiohead (No)
Wilco (Yes)

Outside of the Beatles, Husker Du, and Uncle Tupelo, I feel that I’ve recovered from my first two concerts – Air Supply and Styx. Jesus Christ!!! My mom sent me to see Air Supply. The Styx show was during the Mr. Roboto era – Domo!!

So, what are the best and worst show’s you’ve been too? What are your biggest concert regrets?