Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random Rants

Hi there. The family unit just returned from a short vacation in Duluth. We had a great time. We’re still processing all that has happened with the 35W bridge collapse. What a tragedy. I’m thankful, on a very selfish level, that my friends and family are safe. I mourn for those have been lost and wish them and the hard working recovery teams the best. Now that we’re starting to deconstruct what happened and the politicking and blame game is accelerating, I’ll highlight my own personal and very random rants.

Exhibit 1: The CNN B-Team of Newscasters
Fredricka Whitfield and Rick Sanchez. These two drove me up the wall. Frericka’s early badgering (shortly after sunset on Aug 1) of a U of M Daily reporter on any conspiracy to cover up a fault bridge was tasteless. Worse is blowhard Sanchez. This dude claims that he went to the U and spent a fair amount of times along the banks of the Mississippi and doesn’t understand why the recovery in the river would be difficult. Look up river j-hole – you have St. Anthony falls…as in waterfalls and you have a lock and dam system that can suddenly send millions of gallons rushing towards the unstable area (and I say unstable because…well, um, the whole fucking thing just fell down), and it’s a river!! Also, Sanchez kept yammering about the civilian volunteers that risked their lives to swim into the river, but the footage on screen was the Minneapolis Fire Captain who was conducting a search of the river wearing a PFD and tied to a safety rope.

Exhibit 2: The Fisherman on MPR
On Friday Aug 3, over the noon hour, MPR interviewed Mayor Rybak. I think Rybak’s been doing a great job with the media to date. Then the mayor took some calls from a concerned public. The first call was from a firsherman concerned about the environmental impact of the cars in the water and the inconvenience of the disruption. C’mon, man!!! We’re still looking for bodies and you’re worried about where you’re going to fish. If you could only fish up stream on this very, very short river. If there were only another body of water in the state? What’s the state motto? The land of one very short river span that would be completely destroyed if an interstate bridge collapsed? No, it’s the land of 10,000 lakes, dude.

Exhibit 3. Pawlenty loses spine pandering for boats, er votes
The Governor, who is fee friendly and tax averse, has a battlefield conversion and will now consider a gas tax. What?!?! I understand your concern and your need to lead, but you can’t just flip-flop on an issue like that. Where’s you deeply held belief? Your philosophy about taxes? At least call it a Bridge Suspension Fee – if you want the bridge to stay up, you need to pay a fee.

So a question for you Snackers, what else have you found rant worth over the past week or so?

On a side note, flash flooding in my home town has claimed my brother's car. Thankfully he's ok. Word from my parents is that the mayor is out of town and not expected back until August 17. Can you say "one term?"