Monday, September 12, 2005

Worst Sports Weekend Ever

The Iowa Hawkeyes were crushed by in-state rival Iowa State; the White Sox were swept; all ranked Big Ten teams lost their football games; and the hapless Bears found a way to lose. And to think, I was hoping for a bit of joy and a brief escape from reality. But, misery loves company and the Twins continue to sink and the Vikings continue to demonstrate that Dante's small hands and Mike Tice's limited intellect make for a losing combination.

In depressing times like these, I wish that I could drink myself silly at my cubicle and ask what would Bill Veeck do? Can we send Eddie Gaedel to the White House? Perhaps we've already done so and it wasn't that funny.

My mind continues to act as a super collider of pop culture, sports and politics. So, if anyone is interested, you pick the topic and I'll provide the rant: Your choices:
A. Mike Brown - Best FEMA Director Ever
B. Why the Cubs Suck (just slightly more than the Sox)
C. Minnesota Sports Fans - Oh for the bandwagon.
D. VMAs - Video Music Awards on MTV
E. Magna Carta - Overrated
F. All of the Above - an absurdist, Tom Robbins-esque essay that provides an "all of the above" style answer.

Happy Monday.