Friday, March 02, 2007

Michele Bachmann: Too Stupid for Congress

Poor Michele Bachmann: she's dumb as a box of rocks, and in Congress. That's not a good combination for her, or for the country. In fact, it's only good for generating some cruel laughs, like those I emit in reading her attempts to explain what she meant the other week when she said that Iran was teaming up with the Sunni insurgents in Iraq to partition the country and create a "Iraq State of Islam."

Her latest effort to make her brain control her mouth appears in the Strib, and it reads like a C+ freshman-year essay. The gist:

I said that an agreement had already been made to divide Iraq and create a safe haven for terrorists. Rather, I meant that America's adversaries are in agreement that a divided Iraq benefits their objective to expel America from the region, resulting in Iraq being a safe haven for terrorists.
What's up with that "rather"?

Anyhow, she goes on to say,
Let me make myself clear: Both Al-Qaida and the Iranian regime hope for the United States to fail in bringing democracy to Iraq. Destabilizing Iraq is one of their tactics. Moreover, they wish for the destruction of the United States and Israel.
And after some easy quote-mining of our "enemies," concludes - as you knew she would - "The United States faces very real and clear threats from both Al-Qaida and Iran. We must stand strong in the face of terrorism and support our troops in Iraq."

QED, haters!

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